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Purchase Advisor

Join the Purchase Advisor community to understand where others in the community read, learn and choose to purchase specific products


How It Works

Purchase Advisor uses crowd wisdom to improve our community member's online research prior to making a product purchase.

Our AI-powered platform analyzes browser data to bring you the most valuable tips on how and where to conduct product research before making a purchase decision.

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Login to your browser Add-ons store and add Purchase Advisor to your browser

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Select a country, type of product you are looking for, and type of data sources you want to explore

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Use crowd wisdom the make better purchase decisions

What is the Purchase Advisor community?

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Invest your time wisely

Instead of having so many people spending hours and days online, looking after the best website or blog to learn from, we developed a community of people who learn from each other and help each other to save time and make better decisions.

Earn points - Get rewards

Being a community member of Purchase Advisor not only gives you the ability to conduct better research, but also grants you rewards for being a loyal and valuable member of our community.

Now you probably ask 'what does it mean'?

Our Browsing Meter counts your daily use of the web, calculated how valuable your data was for other people, and add meters to your counter.

That way, you can earn up to $50 a year for just being a valuable member of our community!

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Learn from each other

The Purchase Advisor community is a group of people who love to learn from each other. By becoming a community member and getting the Smart Buyer badge, you help our community to grow and become wiser and more efficient.



How does Purchase Advisor work?

Purchase Advisor collects millions of URLs that our community members visit in every geo location. Our AI-Powered platform analyzes the data and finds patterns. Then we do our magic and bring our community members the most valuable websites for them.

Why should I join?

Because you want to make smart purchase decisions and don't want to spend days looking for valuable information over the web.

How do I contact you?

Easily-! You can send us an email and we will reply as soon as possible

Where can I register?

You can visit Chrome or Firefox Add-ons and search for Purchase Advisor Add-on, or simply click here.

When will I receive my reward?

We send rewards once a month, on the first day of each calendar month.

If you haven't received your reward this month, it means you haven't collected enough points, which means you need to increase your daily use in the browser. But don't worry, you can always get it in the next month.

Why should I keep the Purchase Advisor extension active on my main browser?

Same as you want to learn from other community member's experience, they also want to learn from you. But don't worry, all of your information is being anonymized immediately, so we could ever connect your identity to the data we collect.

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Where can I see my rewards?

You can register with your email here and we'll send the rewards directly to your email address

What type of information do you collect from me?

We only collect the URLs you visited (e.d and anonymize them immediately to make sure no one will have a way to connect them and your identity. For more information visit our data journey.

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